At FHSU we have adopted the Pressbooks publishing platform to support faculty who wish to re-mix existing OER materials or create their own OER textbooks.

Why You Should Use Pressbooks

Pressbooks is used by small and medium-sized publishers, as well as individual authors.

The advantages of Pressbooks include:

  • simple, familiar interface
  • professionally-designed outputs, without complex software
  • wide and growing selection of free themes, to suit many kinds of books
  • unlimited ability to edit, update, and (re)export books
  • ability to collaborate with others (for instance a publisher, editor and author can all have access to the book)
  • daily backups
  • and more!

Pressbooks is simple book production software. You can use Pressbooks to publish textbooks, scholarly monographs, syllabi, fiction and non-fiction books, white papers, and more in multiple formats including:

  • MOBI (for Kindle ebooks)
  • EPUB (for all other ebookstores)
  • designed PDF (for print-on-demand and digital distribution)

Pressbooks is used by educational institutions around the world as well as authors and publishers.

For more information about Pressbooks, see here.