DIY Instructions

  • Purchase a wire mold (at a home improvement store) that is used for mounting and covering audio/visual wires. Use the bottom piece that has a raised channel on the edges that a piece of plastic can slide into easily.

The outer covering can be snapped to the backside for stability.


  • Purchase a package of 1” wire mounting bases (at a home improvement store); you will need 10 per Nudget bar.
  • Remove the adhesive backing by rolling it off like rubber cement. Googone can be used for any residue. These should slide easily in the channel of the wire mold.


  • Collect 10 checkers, preferably the same color (all red, or all black). Measure the diameter of the checkers to be sure they are approximately 1.25 inches across.


  • Cut the wire mold to a length of 13.25-13.5 inches. This should allow an eighth to a quarter of an inch on either side of the number strip.


  • Glue a wire-mounting base to the back of each of the 10 checkers. The checker should be attached to the top of the raised ring, not the flat side. Be sure to center the checkers on the ring. Super glue works well for this.


  • Print and laminate with heavy-duty tape or professional lamination, a number strip that measures approximately 13 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. The width can be adjusted to match the size of the molding.


  • The digits 0 to 9, and a blank space after the 9, should be printed in large, easy to read font. Print the numbers to be read either horizontal or vertical. (See examples in the book).


  • Cut the laminated strip to fit inside the bottom of the wire mold. Glue down if necessary.


  • Slide the wire mount bases (with checkers) into the channel of the wire mold. Checkers should slide easily, back and forth.


  • Glue a quarter inch piece of thick felt pad to both ends of the number strip, lining up with the edge of wire mold. This will prevent the mounts from sliding out and add a buffer when the checkers are nudged to the edges.


  • The felt should be flush with the top of the channel on the wire mold and not touch the checkers. A small amount of super glue under the felt pad will ensure the felt pad does not come loose.


  • Since the checkers are wider than the mounts they “float” above the wire mold. Ensure that the correct number is clearly visible when each checker is moved.



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