11.5 Discussion and Activities

11.5.1. Reflecting on Change

  1. Think of an organizational or personal change that you had to go through where you encountered resistance (either from yourself or others). What were the reasons for the resistance and how was it dealt with?
  2. How would you deal with employees or colleagues who are resisting change that you support because:
    • Their habits are threatened
    • They fear of failure
    • They are uncertain about new processes or procedures
  3. What are the benefits of employee participation in change?
  4. What issues might lead you to engage in organizational dissent? To whom would you voice this dissent and what strategy would you use? Use specific terms from this chapter.
  5. In response to safety concerns, imagine that you are introducing a new system to college students where they would have to use a keycard to access campus buildings and classrooms. How would you plan and implement the change? Explain using Lewin’s three-stage framework.


11.5.2. Change Readiness Assessment

Take and score the Change Readiness Assessment and briefly describe your results of the assessment.

  • Did your results surprise you or do they resonate with what you believed about your response to and readiness for change? It is OK to disagree with results but let us hear about why you disagree.
  • Provide examples from your experience with workplace change in your reflection to identify who you or others may or may not have displayed these traits. Finally, consider the change management strategies presented in this module, were any used in the examples you just presented? If not, which could have benefited the situation?



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