Welcome to Introduction to Professional Development: A Business Communication Approach. This book was created to service the BCOM 210: Introduction to Professional Development course in the Department of Applied Business Studies (ABS) in the Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship (RCOBE) at Fort Hays State University (FHSU). The course is required for several ABS majors and is a popular elective among RCOBE students. BCOM 210 uses concepts from business communication to assist students in understanding their professional desires and forming a plan for their career futures.

Creating this book was an endeavor supported by the FHSU Open Textbook Grant Program. Some chapters are the original works of Rose Helens-Hart and Rachel Dolechek, while others have been collected and adapted from other Open Educational Resources. Adaptations were made to create a consistent tone and style throughout the text, ensure content was concise and relevant to course objectives, and make examples and language more accessible to FHSU’s multicultural student body.

Dr. Rose Helens-Hart is an Associate Professor of Business Communication at FHSU and teaches courses in professional development and business, managerial, and corporate communication. Her research interests are in the areas of employability, talent development, and identity management in organizational settings. Her service passions include Writing Across the Curriculum and corporate training. Her most popular trainings are in the areas of conflict management, difficult conversations, communication styles, professional communication, and change management through communication.

Dr. Rachel Dolechek is an Assistant Professor of Business Communication at FHSU. She teaches courses in business, corporate, and managerial communication, professional development, and business education. Her research interests involve employability, business communication, and strategies for teaching and learning. She is involved in Phi Kappa Phi, Association for Business Communication, and Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society.


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