3.9 Cover Letter Template

Lindsay Bortot and Employment Support Centre, Algonquin College

Your Name
Your Address
Your Contact Information

Date of Submission

Employer’s Name
Employer’s Title
Company Name/Department Name
Company Address

Re: Job Title, Job Reference # (if applicable)

Dear Mr. or Ms. Last Name, or Dear Hiring Manager, (when there is no contact person). Avoid using the titles of “Miss” or “Mrs.” unless you know this is how the person wishes to be referred to. These two titles indicate a woman’s marital status. Ms. does not indicate marital status. Many women professionals prefer not to be addressed by their marital status.

INTRODUCTION: The introduction should answer the 4 “W’s” Who, Why, What, and Where.
Who: Introduce yourself to the employer (your program of study) and start with a strong sentence that demonstrates why they should be interested in you.
Why: Indicate why you are writing and the reason you are interested in the company.
What: List the job title or describe what type of job interests you.
Where: Note whether you are responding to an advertised position, wish to be considered for a prospective opening, or if you were referred to the company by a friend or a colleague.

BODY OF LETTER: Promote yourself; give a summary of your relevant experience and how they meet the employer’s needs: e.g. work placements, co-op, applied research, previous employment, years of experience, etc. Use descriptive, positive, action verbs to describe what you can do and keywords from the job posting. Highlight your strongest skills and provide further or more in-depth details about a significant accomplishment or an example that pertains to the job.

ORGANIZATION: Explain briefly why you would like to work for this employer. This paragraph lets the employer know that you have written this letter specifically for them. Demonstrate your knowledge of the company.

CLOSING: Summarize what you can do for the company. Thank the employer for their attention or consideration given. Ask for action, such as a meeting to further discuss your qualifications. Include your phone number and email address.

Sincerely, (Leave 4 – 6 spaces)


(if giving in person, include signature, if submitting online, insert image of signature)

Your first and last name (typewritten)



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