5.2 Job Offer Inquiry and Response

Rachel Dolechek

Job Offer Inquiry

After the interview, you were informed the employer would make a hiring decision within two weeks. Time has passed and you have yet to hear from the employer. A message of inquiry is an appropriate next step. This message can be sent via email or phone. Begin by providing the reader with information to recall the previous discussion and make your inquiry. End the message courteously while requesting action (Rentz & Lentz, 2021; Bovee & Thill, 2019).

Job offer inquiry example

Dear Ms. Mason,

When we visited on May 1 regarding the corporate communication specialist position, you indicated a hiring decision would be made by May 15. Could you please tell me the status of my application with you?

I am enthusiastic about the position and your organization. I would very much appreciate hearing from you by May 30.


[Full Name]
[Contact Information]

Job Offer Acceptance Message

Congratulations! You were just offered a position at your dream job. A formal letter of acceptance is your next step. Take time to develop this message, but be prompt and send the message within five days. Keep the message brief and include the following elements (Hertzberg, 2022):

  • A message of acceptance for the job offer
  • A thank-you for the opportunity
  • Your title
  • A summary of employment details (e.g. salary, benefits, etc.)
  • The expected start date

Letter of acceptance example

Dear Ms. Mason,

I am excited to accept the corporate communication specialist position. Thank you for the opportunity to work at ABC Company.

As we discussed, my starting salary will be $53,000 per year with two weeks of paid time off. Health and dental benefits will be available after sixty days of employment.

As requested, I will be at your Chicago headquarters on August 1 at 9:00 a.m. ready to work. I am eager to join your team.


[Full Name]
[Contact Information]

Declining a Job Offer Message

You have several interviews throughout the job search process, which result in multiple job offers. This requires you to determine which opportunity is the right fit and which offers you must decline. In this scenario, writing a letter to decline a job offer is your next step. According to Taylor (2022), the best way to turn down a job offer is to first do so verbally by calling the hiring manager or recruiter, then put it in writing. Your written message should be timely and brief by including the following elements (Taylor, 2022):

  • Be specific and definitive in declining the offer
  • Thank the employer for the offer
  • Provide a brief reason for the decline
  • Offer to be considered for future opportunities

Declining a job offer example

Dear Ms. Mason,

Thank you for your hospitality during my interview last month. You and your team were immensely helpful in answering all of my questions and providing a tour of your offices.

I was fortunate to receive two job offers during my search. Due to some unforeseen family issues, I have chosen to accept a position closer to home. Thus, I am unable to accept the corporate communication specialist position at this time.

I do hope another opportunity will present itself to work for your company in the future. Thank you again for your consideration and kindness.


[Full Name]
[Contact Information]



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