8.11: Discussion and Activities

Rose Helens-Hart and Rachel Dolechek

8.11.1. Identifying Your Network

Use this worksheet to reveal the value of your network.

Part 1: Try to list at least 20 people you know across the categories provided below. Feel free to list more. Challenge yourself to not repeat names in multiple categories.  

  • Relatives & Friends (ex. parents, siblings, in-laws, cousins, neighbors, friends, etc.)
  • Community Members (ex. doctors, lawyers, government officials, business owners, volunteer/community service organization members, etc.)
  • Activities (ex. club members, athletic team members, coaches, religious organization members, etc.)
  • Academics (ex. professors, classmates, fraternity/sorority members, alumni, Career Services staff, etc.)
  • Employment (ex. supervisors, colleagues, customers, employees, etc.)

In addition, provide the following information:

  • Include the occupation title for each person
  • Explain how interested you are in their occupation, and how comfortable you would feel contacting them for career advice.
  • Identify in what areas could you build your network

Part 2: Identify three people from the above networking worksheet that you would to have as a mentor. Utilizing the criteria from our reading, explain why these people would be ideal mentors for you.





8.11.2 Discussion Questions

  1. Why would a person open up their network to you?
  2. What are the four stages of networking and why must they occur sequentially?
  3. How do you follow up with new and old networking contacts? Describe three to four ways of doing so.
  4. How can you build your network on an ongoing basis?
  5. How can you reconnect with old contacts without seeming disingenuous?
  6. What questions can you ask during networking events to help get the conversation started?
  7. What strategies exist for building a network, even if you are shy?
  8. How can you build a network on campus and with whom?
  9. What social networking sites can help you network more effectively?
  10. What is digital dirt and how can it hurt your job search strategies?



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